Live Sport – September

Friday 1st September – Luton vs West Ham (Premier League, 20:00)

Saturday 2nd September – Brighton vs Newcastle (Premier League, 17:30)

Sunday 3rd September – Rangers vs Celtic (Scottish Premiership, 12:00), Crystal Palace vs Wolves (Premier League, 14:00), Arsenal vs Man Utd (Premier League, 16:30)

Thursday 7th September – France vs Republic of Ireland (Euro 2024 Qualifier, 19:45)

Sunday 10th September – Republic of Ireland vs Netherlands (Euro 2024 Qualifier, 19:45)

Other Euro 2024 Qualifiers available on request during opening times.

Saturday 16th September – Wolves vs Liverpool (Premier League, Sat 12:30), Everton vs Arsenal (Premier League, Sat 17:30)

Sunday 17th September – Bournemouth vs Chelsea (Premier League, 14:00), Newcastle vs Brentford (Premier League, 16:30)

Monday 18th September – Nottingham Forest vs Burnley (Premier League, 19:45)

Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th September – Matchday 1 of the UEFA Champions League. Fixtures TBC

Thursday 21st September – Matchday 1 the UEFA Europa League & UEFA Europa Conference League. Fixtures TBC

Saturday 23rd September – Livingston vs Celtic (Scottish Premiership, 12:30), Brentford vs Everton (Premier League, 17:30), Burnley vs Man Utd (Premier League, 20:00)

Sunday 24th September – Arsenal vs Tottenham (Premier League, 14:00), Sheffield United vs Newcastle (Premier League, 16:30)

Saturday 30th September – Aston Villa vs Brighton (Premier League, 12:30), Tottenham vs Liverpool (Premier League, 17:30)

Sunday 1st October – Nottingham Forest vs Brentford (Premier League, 14:00)

Monday 2nd October – Fulham vs Chelsea (Premier League, 20:00)

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